Julie teaches young "Dreamers" to make handmade jewelry July 23, 2015 10:07

Three "Dreamers" from the "I Have a Dream, Oregon" program joined us at Lucky No. 3 Arts Boutique, home of Julie Cooper Designs last week.  Two of the three young women shadowed Julie as they created the new "Dreamer Cuff" bracelet from raw brass, and the third Dreamer shadowed Amy Vining and documented the event in pictures.  This is the result!

It was an amazing day at the studio... we made some great art, giggled a bunch and hopefully inspired some talented young ladies to be artists and entrepreneurs.  (They certainly inspired us.)  Thank you, Dreamers!!!

Photos by Amy of AVP and by Evelyn of "I Have a Dream, Oregon."

A beautiful day on SE Clinton Street!

Here are our artists.... Class '10 Dreamers!

Getting started by shaping and filing the raw brass into something resembling a bracelet:

Julie started the tutorial by shaping a simple piece of raw brass into a rough form of a loop, and then teaches the girls how to solder the ends together.

Soldering the ends together, seamlessly...

WARNING:  Measure twice, at least!

Things are starting to shape up...

Hammer time.

Julie gives a few tips on hammering before handing the tools over the girls to create their own one-of-a-kind texture.

Making each bracelet unique.

Julie offers each of her styles to many customers, and each one really is it's own unique work of art.  Julie taught the girls how these small details are so important, from making sure that the seam does not show, to creating a texture that speaks to their own personal style.

The finishing touches.

Julie instructed the girls on one more way of making their creations unique, and that is to shine the piece to your liking.  Julie's creations include everything from the shiniest metal bling to more antiqued and vintage looks, and she creates those looks through the simple technique of buffing the metal with steal wool.  

The finished product.  Introducing the new "Dreamer Cuff."