Julie Cooper and "I Have a Dream, Oregon" June 8, 2015 10:58

I Have a  Dream, OregonWe're thrilled to announce our mentorship program with "I Have a Dream, Oregon!"  

"I Have a Dream" Oregon was founded in 1990 to help low-income students succeed in school, college and career.  They help launch a generation of students on a determined path to college, career and contribution to the community.

Each month, two students from the Dreamer Program will visit us at our workshop/retail store on SE Clinton Street in Portland, Oregon.  Students will be able to choose from a selection of metals, gems and stones to work with.  Julie will help them from concept and design through the final process of hammering. soldering and assembling their piece of art.  

After each class we'll feature the kids' designs here on our blog and our social media pages, so get ready or some amazing stuff from these kids.  They will probably teach US a thing or two!

Julie Cooper Jewelry Designs