It's all in the details June 16, 2015 10:46

Julie Cooper puts everything into making even the tiniest details of her jewelry special, and here's proof.

Luna earrings are made from raw brass sheets and stamped into crescents by hand.  After adding pattern and oxidation to the crescents, Julie adds sterling silver chain and black spinel details.  

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The Piper earring, a best seller of Julie's and for good reason.  Made entirely of brass, these babies will make a statement from afar and attract intrigued closeup gawkers.

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Julie's Wisdom earrings are a labor of love.  Each and every little bead or gem is attached to that pretty little sterling silver chain by Julie's own fingers.  Some say they look like grapes on the vine, some say icicles.  Wisdom earrings are made from recycled sterling silver, turquoise, black spinel, green garnet, and natural zircon.

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I dare you to find two of Julie's Antiqued Brass Stacking Bangles that are the same.  Each one is a reflection of the mood of the artist in the moment she hammered and texturized each one by hand.

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Bellatrix earrings.  Antiqued brass hand-stamped leaves with brass chain and natural zircon for sparkle.

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The Birds of a Feather Collection is a new favorite.  Check out the detail in each and every inch of this gorgeous necklace.  This is an example of Julie's attention to detail as a jewelry artist.  Try pairing the Birds of a Feather collection with our Flock Together Collection.  

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'Simplicity' earrings might be simple, but they are anything but plain.  Check out the loop detail at the top of the earring... these are the little differences that make Julie's stuff extraordinary, even on her simplest designs.

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The Across the Universe earring is classic Julie Cooper design.  Are they planets?  Saturn's Rings?

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"My BFF" collection from Julie Cooper.  Hammered, hand-formed and soldered in Julie's SE Clinton Street workshop in Portland, Oregon.

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The Bohemian Rhapsody Earring.  Talk about drama.

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Cigar Band rings are available in antiqued brass and sterling silver.  Every one is completely unique.

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The Bianca Collection, of brass and sterling silver chain.  Eat your heart out, Greek  Godesses.

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