How to care for your sterling silver jewelry June 9, 2015 14:07

Your sterling silver jewelry from Julie Cooper will naturally tarnish over time.  Air, perfumes & lotions, chlorinated water and household cleaners are just some of the products that can tarnish or damage your sterling silver jewelry.

It's your thang

Some people really like the tarnished, antiqued look of a well-worn piece of jewelry.  Still, from time to time you may want to give your jewelry some shine, and this can be accomplished very easily.

Jewelry Cleaning Supplies

Using a jewelry cleaning cloth will allow you to shine up your sterling silver jewelry by buffing it out gradually until you achieve the shine level that you prefer.  Just follow the instructions that come with the jewelry cloth.

If you want a polished silver look, any liquid jewelry cleaner will work.  Again, follow the instructions on the jewelry cleaner that you purchase.

Dos & don'ts of cleaning your metal jewelry

  • Do use liquid jewelry cleaner on the sterling silver area of your jewelry to add extra shine
  • Don't use jewelry cleaner or cleaning cloths on porous stones such as turquoise or pearls.  It may ruin the luster and color of the stone.
  • Do look for home cleaning recipes on places like Pinterest, etc.

Here are some products we recommend for cleaning your metal jewelry: